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NAF S125

NAF S125

Gas Suppression System (NAF S125) is an extinguishing agent that is suitable for total flooding systems in occupied areas. This Gas Suppression System protects areas such as computers, archives, electrical and telecommunications equipment, Server Room/Data Center, Hospitals, Petrochemical, Offshore, Airport, Laboratories, Paint Booths, etc. This Gas Suppression System is also called the NAF S125 extinguishing agent, suitable for total flooding systems in occupied areas. The typical design concentration of this Gas Suppression System is 8%, with a discharge time of 10 seconds in accordance with the UL 2166 regulations.

Discharge is via valves that have been completely designed by manufacturer and certified by the top independent agencies. This gas suppression system offers great flexibility of adaptation to all actuation systems currently on the market, and even allows combinations of several of these. This gas suppression system’s design incorporates elements that protect against accidental activation due to micro-seepage. All of the valves are registered through the ministry of industry and thus comply with an obligatory standard. The naf s125 extinguishing systems include discharge nozzles especially designed to maximize the properties of the extinguishing agent. They are available in 180º and 360º coverage.  

Main benefits :

  • 20% Gas less required in comparison of Fm200 System
  • Maximum reduction of fire damage / Rapid intervention
  • Maximum safety in the area
  • Excellent cost/benefit ratio
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low space occupied / low installation weight
  • Maximum safety for personnel
  • Maximum flexibility of use / rapid distribution

Certificates :

  • The naf s125 are certified by the lpcb (loss prevention certification board) of england no. : 108640 / bc9933
  • Apci (cuba certification body) no : ss 4004040-1102
  • Certified by the ul (underwriters laboratories) : ul is a non-profit making independent organization that guarantees the safety of systems and components: naf s125 has now added the ul stamp of quality to their traditional system of quality (iso 9001: 2000). This vouches for the design of the systems (extinguishing concentration and network calculation software); the reliability of the components and the production quality - both of the components and the extinguishing agents as well.