Ardent Fire Systems



Gas Suppression Systems (INERGEN) is a mixture of nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide, and has been specially developed to provide fire protection for sensitive electrical and electronic instruments and equipment. INERGEN Gas Suppression System extinguishes fire by reducing the oxygen level in a room to below 15% (the point at which most combustibles will no longer burn). Simultaneously the patented carbon dioxide in INERGEN protects anyone that may be trapped in the fire area from the effects of the lowered oxygen levels.

This gas suppression system is extensively used in electronic data protection and electrical system switch environments. This inergen gas suppression system comprises electrical detection linked to a bank of cylinders where the gas is stored ready for discharge into the fire area. Inergen clean agent fire suppression systems are completely environmentally friendly and safe to use in enclosed areas where people may be present. Inergen is zero ozone depleting, zero global warming, and has a zero atmospheric lifetime. Inergen is composed entirely of naturally occurring gases already found in the air we breathe: nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide. Inergen does not produce a heavy fog upon discharge so escape routes remain completely visible. The fire suppression is performed by lowering the oxygen content of the protected area to a point sufficient to sustain human life but insufficient to support combustion. Typical applications for inergen are computer centers, tape storage centers, telephone exchanges, remote cellular sites, process control rooms, medical diagnostic rooms and mri scanners, plus many others. Inergen is an environmentally green three dimensional fire suppression agent replacing halon 1301. Critical facilities such as data processing rooms, telecommunications switching facilities, process control rooms, and others, require a non-water based extinguishing agent that :

  • Is electrically nonconductive
  • Is safe for use in human occupied facilities
  • Would not damage sensitive electronic equipment
  • Has zero ozone depletion, zero global warming, and zero atmospheric lifetime 
  • Inergen is a blend of three naturally occurring gases--nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide. It is stored in cylinders near the


The strategy of fire extinguishment employed by an inergen system is like no other modern suppression system in use today. An inergen system lowers the oxygen content of the protected area to a point sufficient to sustain human life, but insufficient to support combustion. It's that simple. Because it's not a chemical agent, inergen will not produce a heavy fog the way other extinguishing agents do, so escape routes remain visible. The inergen discharges through specially designed nozzles. To minimize turbulence in the protected area inergen nozzles are fitted with discharge deflectors. No inergen system is complete without after-sale service. Our engineered systems service department will stand ready to offer 24 hour emergency and routine service to keep the inergen fire protection system ready and able at all times.