Gas Suppression Systems

Ensuring the best operations, these Gas Suppression Systems are designed using the best quality materials. We are counted amongst the credible Suppliers of the Gas Suppression Systems across India. Our vast range of Gas Suppression Systems consists of Tube Based, FM200, NAF S125, Inergen(IG100, IG200 and IG541), NOVEC 1230 and CO2 gas suppression/flooding systems. Easy to use, minimal maintenance cost and ease-of-installations are some of the features, owing to which, these Gas Suppression Systems are appreciated by the customers.

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Tube Based Fire Suppression System

Tube Based Fire Suppression System technology sets the benchmark for automatic fire suppression systems. Fire trace systems, which we offer, detect and suppress fire, directly at the source, quickly, efficiently and automatically.  we are counted amidst the dependable  suppliers of the fire traces from gurgaon


FM-200 (HFC-227EA)

Gas Suppression Systems FM-200 (HFC-227EA) is a reliable solution based on HFC 227ea, an extinguishing agent known around the world. Built on 42-bar technology, these Gas Suppression Systems are efficient and space-saving. Whether for the valuable systems, data, people or the working environment, this Gas Suppression System provides optimum


NAF S125

NAF® S 125 is a UL Recognized and US EPA SNAP Listed gaseous extinguishing agent. NAF® S 125 Engineered Systems are UL Listed.

NAF® S 125 is suitable for use in rooms, vaults, enclosed machines, containers, storage areas and wherever fixed enclosures are present. It is an electrically non-conductive media, it can



INERGEN is a mixture of nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide, and has been specially developed to provide fire protection for sensitive electrical and electronic instruments and equipment.

INERGEN extinguishes fire by reducing the oxygen level in a room to below 15% (the point at which most combustibles will no longer burn).


NOVEC 1230

NOVEC 1230 is an innovative solution that reduces the risk of fire damage in critical applications and sensitive equipment. At a proper system design concentration, the extinguishing agent NOVEC 1230 Fire Protection Fluid absorbs sufficient heat to upset the balance of the fire. This cooling effect is supported by the oxygen reduction in the


CO2 Gas Flooding System

CO2 at atmospheric pressure is a colorless, odorless and electrically Non-Conductive inert gas. It has high expansion ratio, which facilities rapid discharge and allows three-dimensional quick penetration in the entire hazard area. Made from premium components, this CO2 Gas Flooding System’s importance lies in the fact that it has high